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>We are M.A.D…

>“Buy your gala here, Cold LaCasera here, Otapiapia rat killer here, Aunty you wan do your hair?”…Typical scenery we all encounter on a regular. It’s the world we live in, buying and selling is the order of the day cos whether we believe it or not, this world IS a MARKETPLACE and the currency we have is TIME.

This post is a deviation from my normal kinda stuff (I think I said that 2 posts ago as well), but anyway im’ma try to still hold your attention as long as I can, pls FOLLOW along cos I’m going somewhere Yes! Have u noticed how most of our statements regarding time are basically similar to those used when referring to money? We either SPEND it, SAVE it, WASTE it or INVEST it…therefore, it makes complete sense the phrase “Time is MONEY”. I’m not here to do a lecture on TIME..i’ll leave that to Jack Griffin (the erstwhile CEO of TIME magazine) but anyway, we are all given 24hrs in a day and we either spend, save, waste or invest it. Now a lot of us reading this are tech-savvy *shrugs* that’s why u can read this in d first place, u know how your phone or laptop has become your best buddy, some of u even have names for them like brian, jasmine, kafayat etc just to show the deep level of affiliation…now also, a lot of us are on facebook and Twitter and all the social networking sites or at least here’s THE question: “Have you EVER felt like u have WASTED a whole day or at least a large chunk of ur day chilling with brian, jasmine or kafayat (your phone)? Have u ever felt like u SPENT all day tweeting and at the end you feel like a “weist?” Raise your hands if u’ve ever felt that way, my hands are up by the way! Lets focus on Twitter shall we, while some people just come on and tweet for fun n laughs, for some of us, it’s a strategic means to an end..if u ask @exschoolnerd or @Msjazzyfied, they will tell you that tweeting PAYS! I’ve also discovered it too and that’s what I wanna share with you today (I’ve got ur attention now abi? thank me later..)

We come on Twitter and ask people to follow us for no apparent reason and some do if they like your avatar, bio or your tweets. However, today I present to you a better reason to ask people to follow you. We aim to give our tweeting a purpose and by ‘we’, I mean the members of “TweetforCharity” or “TW4C” for short ..we are normal tweeps on your TL who have decided to maximize the essence of our tweets by giving a certain amount to charity cause(s).

Here’s how it works: we donate a tiny sum per follower (those following us) and for those we follow too (and trust me, it is a VERY VERY small amount)..Let me attempt a mathematical representation here:

@kevinWithAnL…following 100 , followers 200
let ‘x’ represent the donation amount
therefore, x X 100 = 100x (amount to be contributed for those following)
x X 200 = 200x (amount to be contributed for followers)
This implies: Total contribution done by @KevinWithAnL
= 100x + 200x = 300x

I tried abeg…These monies are then collated and used to meet certain needs of those in need (err..does this make sense?)…im not so much of an expert in financial matters but we have all logistics tied down. Contributions will NOT be going to any individual but to the Bank account dedicated to the purpose which has already been opened..statement of expenditure and all those stuff will be sent to member’s e-mail addresses. we will also pass info on Twitter..Now our tweeting will no longer be a waste of time or spent unwisely, it becomes an INVESTMENT into the lives of the less priviledged, its our way of making a difference while yet having fun, our way of bringing change and putting smiles on peoples faces (I feel like a speech welling up) In essence we will now be tweeting for Charity! It gives a focus…by the way, this doesn’t mean u should be scared to follow people or follow back o, abeg!

Presently, we have 21 tweeps who are the foundation members of TweetforCharity..these include @WF_SimonSEEZ, @ifreke, @engee01,@HUGOverified, @greenactsgroup, @junkyp, @tobiamoo, @farouqh @vivisleek, @bleezers, @ThelmaTweets, @spitgucci, @Drewbaba, @Msjazzyfied, @Dzerghz, @abiodunbala, @kneeyie, @BragginRightz, @M4minx, @sunkanmi and my not-so humble self… yeah! its not as if these guys have any benefits like company car or office so don’t sweat it, they are just the first among many hopefully.. So we met in lagos in December at Ozone and subsequent meetings in january and decided to take the first steps, we are going to visit an orphanage: The name of the orphanage is the Centre for Destitute Empowerment and it is run by Pastor Samson Okoliko and his wife with staff strength of five.The orphanage is located at 8, Makanjuola Close, Pako, Idimu Alimosho L.G. with a branch office in Abuja which is run by his wife.

The orphanage, with a population of 64 kids, is a home for motherless babies and children with all sorts of disabilities including autism, polio, neurosis, mental retardation and so on. According to the Pastor Okoliko, the greatest need in the orphanage is food items, clothes and also paying of staff salaries. He was also open to the idea of hosting the children to a party or a movie or generally anything that would leave a lasting impression on the children’s minds. We intend to Make a difference in the way we can and we invite you to join in too.

Fellow Twitterians, This is a call to serve, a call to stand up and be counted or sit down..and still be counted though. TweetforCharity is up and on the move, you can either join the train or not (its not by force o) but I prefer being an agent of positive change than a spectator..the choice is yours! What we ask is that u decide today whether you want to be a weist on Twitter or not, we present to you a very good reason to be on Twitter 24/7, if they ask u, tell them you are tweeting 4 charity..Some of us make money on/from Twitter re: laide and Isioma…this is a chance for us to give back to ‘society’ *evil laugh,runs to hide* Lets not be asked what Twitter is doing for us, lets show what we are doing with Twitter!

Oh! By the way, M.A.D in the title means ‘Making A Difference’

Meanwhile, I feel like a gala and Lacasera right now…GALA!!!!

God bless the Internet Republic of Twitter

*recite second stanza of national anthem here*

Details of the financial breakdown and all other required information can be sourced from which will be fully functional soon.

For inquiries and questions, please direct such to @twt4Charity on Twitter


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>The following programme is Rated 18, viewer discretion is advised as this program contains scenes of hilarious fits, unreasonable reasoning and utter disregard for anything sane! Remember, you can activate the Parental control on your decoder at this point, just press…”sharrap! As if y’all don’t know how to deactivate the stuff”

*Rolling Film Trailer*

*Insert sound effects, preferably gush of wind NOT local ibo whistle sound*

*James Earl Jones voice* “He was a man (picture flashes), she was a woman (picture flashes) and Faith (not @Chyychy) brought them together! He wanted something, she wanted something and like I said, Faith brought them together (they attend the same church)…KelvStone pictures presents a tale of Love and Passion, a story of what happens when a Tornado meets a Volcano, Sacrifice, 419 and lots of ‘Torch and follow’…*major sound effect here* “The POST VALENTINE story”…coming NOW to this blog u’re reading!!!

Buhahaha!!! I always wanted to do that, I mean the whole voice over movie intro thingy. Ah! Relief! Anyways, here we are again and NO, this is not a movie so there are no characters involved, but digressing a bit, can’t our pple learn? Must we successfully deafen our audience in a bid to advertise a movie? Shey its one guy that does all that shouting? He should be found and MENDed quickly! And even if u don’t tell us, im sure every Musa, Chinwe and Rasaki knows that the movies can be found at Pound Road Aba and 51, iweka Rd Onitsha! So spare us and ehen, what consequences await if we don’t “GRAB OUR COPY NOW!” mtscheeew..ok, jare back to why we are here…!

My people, life is like a University and at intervals, we must write exams-some we pass and others we fail, inevitably, those we fail we must carry over and write again. An exam was just concluded on feb 14th and the results are out! I painstakingly put myself through the agony of taking a class just before the exam to ensure that we all come out in flying Vals day has come and gone (Thank God), if u’re here and your vals day was a success lemme see your hands..ok, 1,2,3…if it wasn’t..ah!,1,5,17, 75..ok drop it! Wow!! What happened? U didn’t follow my class rules? Hehehe…Anyways, Vals day has come and gone obviously. Some are basking in their gains, others are licking their wounds and counting their losses! I belong to the group of people who did nothing, got nothing and basically just sokpa’d on Twitter for most of d day..You know it was always bound to be interesting anyways, a day with so many people dressed in red as in a perfect representation of d intentions for the day either boys a/c goes RED, ladies show you their RED eye etc..So what makes u think u had a great Vals day? Because Tunde sent u a Teddy bear and chocolates abi? Ure an AGBAYA!!! Yezz and im not beefing o, haba! U’re 25 amd u’re dragging Teddy with your 2-yr old niece, what does that make u? Ehn? U say what? “it’s the thought that matters?” ok, so if he had sent a text that said ‘hey baby,im just thinking abt u this vals bcos its d thot that counts” tell me u will not curse his generation in your local dialect! Leave that tin jare…and u, he took u out for Ice cream and Fried Rice …I don’t want to believe that because Esau sold his birthright for porridge, u now deemed it fit to open ur legs because of ice cream and fried rice. Incase u didn’t know, jacob’s porridge had assorted meat and fish in it!! Mtscheeew.. if you are among the lucky one(s) that got a Land Rover, iPad or a wedding ring through legitimate means, then I celebrate with you, You have eaten of the spoils of d season.

Meanwhile, I know that some of u think u’re smart abi? U bought yourself perfume and a card and addressed it to yourself to save face, some even ordered room delivery Pizza and bucket of ice cream so that them no go carry last..its all right! And you guys that came home by 5am claiming u were out all night with the chic while u were crashing, holding pillow tight at your fellow guys house, nothing do you!!
I know that some peeps genuinely celebrated the day, as in those who are really in love oh (probably heading to marriage sef), I don’t have a problem with them. Whether he took u out, bought u Fan Yogo and took u back home, u know that u’ve hooked him and when he finally asks u to marry him, u can start your revenge! But my pain is for those who 9months from now will deliver the fruit of a Mr Biggs lunch or the result of a night of clubbing and too much booze. He says he loves u now abi, wait till u tell him u missed your period, he will MISS that PERIOD!! It’s the aftermath of Valentine that excites me, if we were to have news headlines on that, we would hear things like..

• DMT mobile Toilets experience total overload as a result of all the SHIT they had to deal with on vals day
• Girl breaks boys head with STAR bottle after unwrapping gift of Nokia BB
• Sales of balloons surprisingly skyrocket as chemists record sell out of condoms
• Woman goes gaga after eating ‘igbo’ leaves mixed with beans and macaroni while thinking she was served chinese

The stories will be endless and I’m sure you all have some to share… Asides the virtual aftereffects, the physical effects will be alarming! I can safely bet that roasted corn and agbalumo (shebi its d season) will begin to trend as guys have most likely exhausted d small money that they have..Some will easily fit into their church 21-day fasting program cos it comes naturally at this time..Girls, don’t be shocked if your bf all of a sudden loses weight and becomes slimmer, its actually your fault..Shikena!! Ok, moving on…What? Oh! you wanna hear MY vals day story? Seriously, I did nothing-just lazied around, sent voicenotes to some people, deleted some members of the “Dumb Broadcast Association” that reside in my BB and chose that day to manifest their shallowness, but really, I knew that broadcasts were going to be a major feature of the day but I didn’t expect to see some of the kind I got…eg: ”The federal ministry of Love warns that boys who buy nothing for their gf’s will be broke 4 ever and girls who claim to be on their period will bleed to death…Pass this on to 20 people if u want your vals day to be a success” and some FOOLS (pardon my Spanish) FULL of FOOLISHNESS still deemed it fit to broadcast this FOOLISH message.

Smartphones should be taken out of the hands of dumb people…I think we should have IQ tests before some phones are sold to people…”err..sorry, u do not qualify to use a Blackberry, pls proceed to the 3310 stand and look through as you will definitely find something to interest you there!” (BTW, one of the most annoying broadcasters I have is a follower from Twitter, pls I thought Twitter would have refined u a bit, if u are reading this and ure wondering if its you, then it is!!! Quit it already with the broadcasts. I haven’t deleted you yet bcos im nice like that but there is a limit…) Later in the day, I strolled to Chicken Republic and I wasn’t disappointed, it was a sea of red: balloons, uniforms, customers, I took some pictures and then went to Mr Biggs, If I needed any confirmation that Mr Biggs is almost dead, I got it that was almost empty! Came home and tweeted more, it rained heavily and I slept off.

So in conclusion, it has come and gone, life goes on..girls, note however that now that vals is over, u will get more advances as guys realize that the coast is clear especially if your birthday is nowhere in sight..and guys if u attempt to toast that girl now, be prepared to answer the question “where were u since?” Before she says YES, she will collect vals gift, xmas gift , New years gift and the gift for her mother’s 50 years birthday that u (obviously) did not attend 2 years ago! So I rejoice with all y’all who had a great. Memorable day and for those of you who totally failed d class, Turn to your neighbor and say “Fear Not!, u have only carried over the course, u have the opportunity to pass it next year”

Enjoy some of the scenery..thanks to @jemieyt and @misjuwa for the picture inputs

Haters and Gbagaun finders, u can like to microwave salad while waiting for Hell to freeze over, Till then though, try licking ur elbow while waiting for DaGrin’s call or better still, save yourself the stress and just show love for once in your life: Kiss a naked wire, that might be the only naked thing u’ll ever kiss #Okbye

PS: The search for the ONE comes to the finish line…


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>Aloha! Bienvenue! Welcome once again to 5mins of reading what will eventually turn out to be a refreshingly relaxing good read (that’s if u can read), it might take 10mins if u hate scrolling side to side (like I do) using ur Blackberry, it could even take 30mins for you to see this page if you are using a NOservice provider such as EmpTyHen…but anyhoos, indulge me yet again.

Allow me to state at this point that this post is a kinda deviation from my previous, not funny and is gonna be quite nostalgic and as such I hereby recommend u grab a hanky or two for when the tears start falling. But then again, who r u deceiving? U and I know that no one is watching you and you use your ever-reliable shirt sleeve to clean your eyes and blow out your buttery looking snort..go ahead jare! Nothing do you. This post was actually inspired by Facebook, yes, Facebook!! U know, Facebook is like your ex-girlfriend, you had so much fun times and then all of a sudden, u get bored and a new exciting chic comes your way and u’re on to the next one!(Me I don’t do that sha) but u do! you good-for-nothing lowlife heartbreakers!!! At times, I wonder how facebook feels when she sees YOU strutting arm in arm with Twitter, she doesn’t complain though- shes consoled by the fact that YOU still visit early in the mornings to check YOUR schedule and sometimes in the day to give her YOUR new pictures, its Hi5 that is totally shattered sha, I head she’s now strutting herself on the streets seeking customers since no one knows her address anymore or even the password to ‘enter’ her. SHEEET!!! How did we get here? I said this was inspired by facebook, not ABOUT facebook! Ok Kelv, concentrate…moving on…Today, I wanna take us back a lil’ bit to when men were boys and women were girls…oh! I haven’t told u the correlation between Fb and this? *sigh* Fb represents our history, our today we are going to be remembering some things from the good old days…I started a Trending Topic on Twitter #UareNotInMyGeneration to help bring back the memories and they came flooding im’ma share some, feel free to add more in the comments section…

Remember those nites of PALACE, CANDLELIGHT. CHECKMATE, BEHIND D CLOUDS..8pm things
Remember how we used 2stay up to watch niteshift on DBN?
Remember telematch?
Remember how your heroes growing up were Hulk Hogan, Ultimate warrior, Bruce lee etc? now u’re wondering why u’re such a thug?
Remember when MARIO was d best game around and u could kill for a Gameboy or Nintendo?
Remember how u saved 2buy ur left n right game and in your mind that brick racing game rocked?
Remember when church services just meant ice cream after service?
Ladies Remember when all you could do to ur hair was jerry curl and perming? who brought all these horse hair tins sef…mtscheew!!!
Remember where u were when kanu’s goal sunk brazil @ atlanta 96? That was when Kanu was 35!
Remember AIT jamz with kenny n d1 rockin fubu baby….AGBAYAS!! and now Kenny sings?! SHAME! LAME!
Remember how u used 2 wait til dec 31 to dub ur favorite songs from the Top 100?
Remember rewind + stop + play trying 2get d lyrics of a song so you could write in that love letter? and ending the letter with xxx and ‘sealing with a kiss?” ..pathetic people..smh
Guys remember wearing 2trousers n thinking it was cool? and how u used to ‘chest’ cane?
Girls remember when d only joint u knew were barbeach n water parks…(I wish that never changed)?
Remember when bread was N10 n pure water was sold in nylons?
You, Bad Guy!! Remember how you cried when you watched Titanic??
Remember Domitilla and that first ‘naked scene’ in Glamour Girls? we wanted to crucify Eucharia but nowadays, just bring cossy and its all cosy!!
Remember Chike n d river, Eze goes to sch, Ali and Simbi? if u don’t it means u went to night school or u didn’t go at all…
Remember when Dec 25th meant watching ‘jesus of Nazareth’ all day?
Remember CRUSH, PARLE SODA…and Sunday rendezvous (just to drink Limca)
Remember when Junior & pretty were ur heroes? and it wasnt cool 2b called Bolanle or Monica?
Remember when Tv started at 4pm?
Remember babadudu, ofio,oyakaka TastyTime, gogo and M&K?
Remember when to toast a girl just involved a letter and a tape of her fave songs?
Remember sagem mc320, talkabout,alcatel n ur sim of 80k
Remember ‘My book of Bible stories?’ what’s that? and u wonder why ure a sinner…smh
Remember NITEL cards and how u used to store them in freezers to recharge?
Remember reading Nackson magazines guys? me i didnt read sha…seriously!!
Remember the 3 orange men? no seriously, wat was that all about? I wonder what colour they are now…
Remember Birdman, SuperTed, Dodo the kid from outer space, OvideVideo , DoctorWho?
Ladies, remember the Butterfly dance? Imagine yourself doing that today…y’all looked like you were releasing your butt muscles for more effective farts…
Remember CableTel and how you tuned your TV to get it, Clapperboard, NTA 7(if u still have this channel ehn…)
Remember the early day music videos done in AIT studios? 2face them had humble beginnings sha, wearing vests and ish…and d guy still wore vest in African Queen video, Thank God for watever/whoever showed him d light
Remember how when (is this even correct english?) anyway, Remember how when your folks wanted to go get shoes for u, they’d measure your foot with a broomstick?
Remember those soaps: The Rich also cry, Secrets of the sand (7:30-8:30pm Tues n wed), Wild Rose, Maria des Los angeles
Remember sledgeHammer and Lois & clark?

I could go on and on…but im just gonna stop here so u don’t cry a river and flood your home…yeah, I needed to put this up here for posterity (whatever that means) and err..also cos I felt like writing something..Meanwhile, in other news, there is no other news!

I hope to see u again when the next post is out and I’m back to my normal annoying self, for my beefers and Haters, @MsJazzyfied has advised me to slap y’all, I really would have loved to but the love of the Lord constraineth me and this MFM church near my house has given me a better idea, its called FIRE!!!

*Dances butterfly galala out of stage to the tune of ACE by Sir Shina Peters*


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>Ok, here’s the deal, the last post on Vals blues seemed to be a kinda hit and I got lotsa mentions and comments on Twitter and in my mail concerning it (+ve and –ve) if I may say, Still though I must thank everyone who did for taking/making the time to actually read d post, me sef I tire for the length. Meanwhile, I must at this point make it clear that I am NOT a relationship expert and the views presented in d post were just my personal opinions (na lie o, i wanna expert die?). Lots of people seemingly agreed with the expressed desires/needs of both sexes while some criticized me for bringing out their dirty G-strings and Boxers out for the world to see! Im sorry- SUE ME!!!

Today though, I really don’t have a direction of writing (typing as d case actually is), im just going to rant all d way to the end of this post (another lie, guy u dey lie sha)..Oh! an idea just popped into me ‘ed…lets see, still on d valentine day matter, for those who actually will have a val or have the opportunity to take that girl ‘out’ on that day, a common dilemma is how to proceed. Don’t deny it, u’ve been racking your brain since on how you can give her the perfect experience and hopefully, eventually get something more than “Thank u for a nice day, I’ll ping you later!” well worry no more! Im here to take you on Valentine 101-401, I’ll be ur Professor for the class, call me Prof @KevinWithNoVaL, Class is in session students! Read my lips and make A’s in this Test!!This is where you sit down, grab your note and pen and begin to take notes..I’M SERIOUS!! U’re gonna need this…!!! And oh! This is tailored for the guys sha..ladies no vex, y’all know I love you..pls do read and fall in love with ME! Yes me!!

Ok guys, so u read the last post and u got an idea of what she wants for vals day and Thank God your account is not as red as the season so you were able to get her that iPad and the name encrusted pendant. U should know that you have 24hrs in the day to show her a great time climaxing in giving her the gift and hopefully other climaxes as well..So it’s a Monday and she probably has to work or go to school or maybe even stay home. No matter what she does, do NOT, I repeat do NOT be the first, second or third person she SEES on the day!! Even if you are jobless, try and form scarce, there is VALUE in SCARCITY! Re: fuel…But ensure that you mark your’s how: Ladies want a sense of assurance or reassurance as the case may be as often as they can get it, PDA’s are always a welcome tool.if u have a BB and she does too, it won’t be a bad idea to use her pic as ur DP with a status like “I’m going to love u always and a day more” BUT if u’re like @walegafar or @HUGOverified who are dating their whole street, then it might not be such a good idea sha. If u don’t have a BB, no wahala, I advise that you don’t call her just yet..send her a text saying “I don’t need a special day to celebrate u, but I think d world does cos u’re that special..i love u baby, today, tomorrow and 4ever” Yeah, mushy stuff like that will increase her anticipation and excitement level.(that’s if u’ve not effed up recently o!ehen!) Pls ensure your texts are orginals, do NOT use or 4wd any sent to u..if u love her that much, then u should be able to express it but if not, hit me up on Twitter and I wee compose a msg guaranteed to sweep her off her feet into MY arms..!!!do NOT start quoting MI or darey and think that she will not know, keep it ORIGINAL guys!

So her day has started with a text msg from u,Try to avoid GBAGAUNS cos u dont want her remembering u for d wrong reasons but try and see how u can maintain the tempo probably a text every hour..might sound lame but it does fly, on BB, u could change her pic every hour with a new status as well (if she’s got it, then flaunt her..if she doesn’t however, u may wanna spare us d torture) ahem! moving on, send her voicenotes at intervals…PLEASE DO NOT 4WD ANY BROADCASTS NO MATTER HOW BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED IT IS! I’m thinking I will create a broadcast and circulate sha with hidden illuminatti messages in it capable of bursting her head and ruining your relationship buhahaha..i dey warn u naw o!! So u’ve succeeded in keeping her excited all day, its afternoon now..this will be a good time to call her and in your most sexy voice (the one u use when u’re looking in d mirror while brushing) tell her in clear language (ibo, Yoruba, hausa, pidgin or English) how u look forward to seeing her later in the day. Remember even if u’re both jobless (no offense o), Try to see her late in the day. Anytime from 3pm works. I suggest you do a late lunch..shey u know lunch will be cheaper than dinner on that day sha? Ehen! But if u have money like @WF_SimonSeez, then u can do Japanese dinner things (ah! Imagine a candle lit dinner under the stars of the sky, with nature all around u, the wind softly blowing sea breeze on your cheeks while your table for 2 is set is on THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE..Oh CLASSIC!!!) Ok so u’re set for lunch, pls ensure that the venue for the lunch isn’t too far from where she stays or works. It doesn’t make sense for her to stay at Ipaja-Ayobo and u’re arranging for lunch things at Golden Gate ikoyi (@spitgucci take note) except u’re sending a cab (red cab ni o)..remember we r trying to UP your if u can find any nice place nearby-cool! Be warned however that u most definitely will see a crowd if u’re going to the Mr Biggs, Nandos and suggestion, look for a real restaurant or Hotel with good food, u don’t have to do the common fast food and eateries but u could have ordered take away from any just incase. If she’s at work though, u could send a delivery order to her right there at d office (real food o) u cud ‘spice’ it up with a box of chocs that she can share with her co-workers thus rubbing pepper in their eyes. PS: if ure meeting for lunch, ensure u get there on TIME! Don’t keep her WAITING!! And make sure you’re worth looking at, don’t think because its laide that u’ve been dating u will now come looking like any of @scriptkidd’s avatars..look dapper (starch and iron d shirt)..a matured look always flys, I didn’t say wear tie o but just look and SMELL good..if u smell like a combination of spoilt moi-moi, beans and eggs then u might wanna consider spending some dough on body spray and a nice perfume..and oh yeah..armpit hair? That ish doesn’t work..are u trying to provide accommodation for homeless bacteria, maggots n stuff.eewwww!!! Shave dude, SHAVE!!!

So lunch done, ehen! Pls if u dnt know how to pull out chairs and stuff, or u don’t do it naturally don’t start that day o! its all superficial and that reduces points..same thing with opening doors, just be yourself but if yourself is anything as razz as @SheriphSkills (who thinks deuces is spelt and pronounced duzzez) then pls be someone else, I recommend someone like @bleezers or @Rated_X who represent gentlemanly conduct anytime..So u’ve planned to see a movie eh? Here’s the downside to that- yup! The cinema is gonna be full and then she might wanna just go home afterwards and that’s it! Yes THAT’S IT!!! So Prof suggests u probably do an indoor movie, u could arrange with a hotel to have lunch there and then pay a bit more to have them show your movie in their mini theatre (I think some have), make sure it’s a movie she wants to see, don’t ga’an play SAW 6 bcos u wanna scare her into ur arms for easy cuddling (that’s what I would do sha cos im gangsta like that), ensure it’s a film she wants to u’ve gotta find that out. U’ve got your privacy, u’ve got her in your arms (hopefully),so..we can hope that the movie mood will allow for some mouth-to-mouth *LORD WHY ME?! WHY THIS SINGLENESS?!* now wailing,tearing bag of rice to wear as sackcloth*sorry jare, my emotions got d better of me… anyway, let nature take its toll BUT IF nature is being a beach, then take the bulls by d balls and make things d right buttons (i did not send u to press her shirt buttons o! ehen..that will be a good time to have the waiter bring in the bottle of wine (eva, bluecocktail are NOT allowed) u’ve ordered..she most likely will ask “are u tryna get me drunk?” tell her with all confidence and style…“nah..thats for later” if she says nothing or just smiles or nods..then u’ve SCORED!! YAY!!!

Wrapping it all up..if she can’t stay d night at any hotel..oh! if u’re doing dinner in a hotel, it wont be a bad idea to book there as well (pls confirm she cn afford to stay the night before booking o, if not u will enjoy the bed and AfricaMagic by yourself)..but if she has to go back home, now is a good time to bring out her gift and with all lingua dexterity, let her know how much you love her..bla bla bla yadi yadi yada…just give her d friggin’ gift already..hopefully she may ask you to stay a while or if u’re in a hotel, then all is set..PLS NOTE THAT I’M NOT ADVOCATING FOR ANYTHING SEXUAL O, IM JUST TEACHING THE COURSE AS THE SYLLABUS STIPULATES!! Eventually, remember that Vals day is just One day and so whether u get any or not shouldn’t be a problem, try to make it GENUINELY all about her, u do not rush perfection. If u successfully ‘WOW’ her, her life-and yours will NEVER be the same again..cheers guys! Show her sincerely how much of a queen she is..Ladies ae special and that’s why we love ‘em..even if ur mind is as corrupted as most cybercafé systems, try to make it all about her and little of u..

By the way guys, I’m in trouble o…I think I’ve ‘met’ the one…out of Six…but I don’t know EXACTLY which one she is..



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>DISCLAIMER POST: Do not read further!! Pls visit for disclaimer notice…THANKS!!
Done? who r u kidding? Be doing as if u actually read the DISCLAIMER…anyway, Welcome Guys, I see that I have somehow managed to get you to visit this blog once again by just posting a link on Twitter, ehn ehn? So its that easy to control mortals? I must be a god or something (buhahaha)! What if this is all u came here to see, what would’ve happened? U’ll sue me, unfollow me? But alas! I’m not as cold-hearted as that, ashualey, I am o! the last time I checked, I “had an ice-box where my heart used to be” *pops collar* oh yels, I’m a badt guy like that…

But I must at ths point appreciate you guys for always checking up on me here, it gets quite lonely in blogville nowadays, my neighbour @adahna ( ) is hardly around, I dunno the man that is taking her time away from here, @Sandie_Pandie ( ) lives some streets away and does check on me often sha, @SheriphSkills is always at stadia, play or some other joint in Abj, ah well *sigh* @exschoolnerd ( used to be my loyal crime partner around the ‘blogk’ ,up until she fell in love with Funbi …she’s our President here o so I cant complain but she’s cool like that. So, I’ve being visiting @MsJazzyfied ( ) quite often, we just chill on the steps and listen to @THEBEAT999FM all day, cool stuff I tell ya!!

Ok, having said thanks and all the introductory ish, let us now delve into the koko of d matter that has brought us here! It is summed up in one word “VALENTINE”!!! Yes! This one word has been/being (ive said I don’t know when to use either, so pick one n lezz continue)..where were we? Ok…this one word has wrecked so many potential futures- monetarily, relationship-ly, intimately and otherwise. Im not even going to try n go into d history of d day cos me sef I dunno, when did they born me dat u expect me 2 knw? Any story that works for u, believe jare! Anyway, Vals day is here again and if u’re a guy, u would agree with me that this is d one day we wish NEVER existed on the calendar! I’m Lying? See this guy o! ok bcos u don dey touch small money now abi, wait first naw, shebi dis is ur first official valentine..e go soon over u!! Seriously though 99% of us guys hate VALS day! Its not because of the money 2 b spent,(LIE!!!) its just it has a semblance of a well crafted SCAM that benefits the lady folk..ok, ladies before u chop my head off, I know u also do some ‘giving’ on the day BUT u only give when u’re sure that we are giving or have given… Alright, let me personalize this..I HATE VALS DAY!!!

DISCLAIMER: All views from this point on are strictly mine, your boyfriend did not ping me to ask me to do this so please don’t crucify him for sending you the link to this post. At the same time, if u r a lady or potential chic that is falling for me, don’t let this post change your mind- its all fiction, this is emmm..,just for laughs ok? Thanks for understanding!

Before u start thinking I’m just a selfish stingy SOB, take a walk in my shoes a bit will ya? My grouse with vals day has nothing to do with the spending (who am I kidding?), it ranges from the awkward display of ‘love’ that u see to the annoying hike up of prices of almost everything. It totally irks me when I come out of my house on feb 14th and everywhere u go, people are dressed up in red like aiyelala loyalists: as in red shirt, red shoes, all red everything, so because they said that ‘love is in the air’, it now means that we should not see road again abi? I swear, if I catch any of my followers or friends dressed in red…ok o! Then all these aiyelala people all seem to be headed to the same place: either an eatery, restaurant , cinema or joint..first of all, your foodstuff has finished at home abi? Rice and shicken that u ate on new years day here (bad as e bad), then to one cinema with 1000 other aiyelala people to watch one movie that we could have bought in Lekki traffic for #150 on a good day…abegi!! Do u see the extortion? Its annoying because it is on that day that your girlfriend remembers the ONLY scripture she knows: Jn 3:16 “for God so loved d world, that he GAVE…” she will stop at ‘gave’ and proceed to give u a Chris Okotie inspired exegesis on how love is proved by giving! As a bad guy sha, me sef I know bible: Ladies could you stop reading at this point or jump to d next paragraph thanks. So guys this is what u say when she uses this line- tell her: the bible says “GOD is LOVE”, Jesus and GOD are one, no be so? That means Jesus is also if God so loved the world and thus gave Jesus, It means God so loved d world and gave LOVE…so what God gave was love!!! Tell her “today I’m giving u love and I don’t have to spend money to do that! buhahahaha…(ensure ure well protected when u say this sha).

Welcome back ladies, sorry for pushing u out, I just had to tell your guy how best to meet your vals day needs and we wanted to keep it a secret, yeah, I have ur interests at heart, Thank me later! U know its true that as Vals day approaches, guys are looking for ways to break up, girls are looking for ways to be nicer.. Hey Guys!!! Guess what? ManU and Arsenal coaches are holding a press conference RIGHT NOW, u may wanna check that out…GO! GO! GO!!! good boys!

*now whispering* ladies if they know I told u what im about to, I’m DEAD, so please be quiet…sshhhhh*

Here are some things we often do to get away from our ‘responsibility’ , all we need to do are make up excuses of being busy, working late etc…here are some: they range from the mundane to the downright absurd
• we start complaining about our financial situation from jan 28th (or whenever salary is paid)t so that we can refer to it later by saying “remember how I told u I’ve been managing since, all d debts I had to clear with January salary…”
• we raise your hopes for a future explosion “mehn, if the money im expecting in march just comes…” whenever we avoid February, u should catch the drift!
• Now with BB, its easier for us to pass the message, all we need to do is put up ‘funny’ statuses and DP’s about how we are broke or anti-vals etc FORGET O!! those ain’t jokes, its our way of sending subliminal msgs to u
• When our ringtone and favorite song all of a sudden becomes “One naira by MI and Waje” or “Not the girl by darey”
• My BB is dead and u’re pinging me???
• “I have a lot going on right now, I need some time to get it all together”
• if u ever have a convo on BBM that looks like this, it’s a sign…

But if u’re one of the lucky few who are destined to have a great valentine’s day, then I am indeed happy for you. For the rest of us (yes u included, don’t form, u’re part of this group). We can still have a swell day even without a val, how? Not to worry…see, I don’t think u should torture yourself by going to places where you are definitely going to come across all these love birds. It makes no sense to wake up and then decide that u’re gonna go to the cinema all by yourself on such a day..Why? when u can just stay home jejely and watch ur movie if PHCN allows u o..Eateries are also out of it, u’ve been going to iya asisa’s place since o but bcos its vals day, u now decide to baff up n go to eat Chinese all by yourself!! Omo bone! Go to iya asisa and order n eat your fill abi na full..rice, eba, assorted toh kwoliti and wash it down wella!!! If u’re alone this val, don’t feel bad. Its ashualey a blezzin from God so that u can save money for your kid’s future academics etc..(I hear plenty hisses…buhahaha)

Another dilemma is GIFTS! Girls often wonder what to get their guys, their minds don’t seem to go beyond Shirts, boxers, perfumes and cufflinks, as in ahn ahn? What happened to X-box, Samsung 45” flat screen TV, iPad’s or a year’s subscription for our DSTV to enjoy the Premier league etc? seriously, we are tired of all d shirts, did I say I wanna start a boutique? On my birthday-shirt!, xmas-shirt! Wedding aso-ebi even Burial T shirt!!! And when u buy me boxers and u have never seen me in them, what’s the use? How do u know that u’re buying the right size sef? *side eye* I don’t want again! Perfumes, I’ve been shouting I want Terre D’Hermes and u ga’an buy ugo I a phool? U expect me to actually wear that? Mtscheeew!! See, we are MEN! And we also have needs, we love big things, things our hands can work or fix (catch my drift?).

And guys, I know shopping for the ladies is always a task, not because we don’t know what to get but bcos the options are NUMEROUS!! Here’s a tip: NEVER ask your lady what she wants. NEVER!!! She will tell u all she wants and as she continues, she remembers those Jimmy Choos she saw justina wearing and the Brazilian hair Ronaldo’s gf used…u go just WRECK!!! Here are my sagely suggestions: Vals day is synonymous with Teddy Bears and flowers: do NOT buy any of these!! Except ure dating Miss Piggy and u wanna stylishly give her a gift that looks like her. No Flowers!! Na 9ja we dey so, that ish doesn’t fly, I don’t care whether d flowers were freshly plucked from the edge of the Nile..she wee use it to cook your next soup, just be looking!!! So what then should you get her? Really though, I might not be in d right position to tell you that but I’m going to whether u like it or not, afterall its MY BLOG and u’ve patiently read this far so a lil’ more wee not kee you..Ladies will always get gifts-they don’t need a special occasion! I think a lot of them are not so much crazy about what you get them (except it’s a LandRover 2 or HSE), Most just want you to spend your “currency of life” on them –TIME! Whether u take her to the movies or a Togolese restaurant, it’s the TIME spent with her that she really craves, she will still shit the green slimy soup 5hrs later so WTH? Guys whether na One Naira u spend or na One million, ensure that she can look into your eyes and say “Baby u’ve got me!” I really shouldn’t be writing this cos im now getting emotional seeing as im going to sokpa on Vals day as always, I’ll probably be watching Monday night football on TV while y’all will be whipping up sheets and stuff… *boo hoo sob sob*

Well, to round up this round up, I decided to sample opinions of some of my Tweeps, They are the one that RT’d this link to you because they want you to see EXACTLY what they want for vals day..hahaha..yes, this has been a set up all along. Now you can not say “I didn’t know what you wanted…”

Read and be Blessed…

@gigachic– “I want a romantic candle lit dinner for me and the one I love”
@eagiddy– “I want my very own man for vals day, not one who will walk away after a while, sm1 who wld call me bone of my bone..sm1 I can call my forever valentine”
@Rated_X– “I want jade and a 1998 bordeaux” cc @jade
@walegafar; “I want an ipad and a car noni”
@IvyOrji– “I want an Ipad and/or Chevrolet CRUZE cc @emperorcaesar
@WF_SimonSeez– “I just want her to be here, make the plan, and make me go through with it and I’ll pick the Cheque!”
@bleezers– “I want a red All Star converse sneakers with a Transparent sole”
@sheriphskills – “ an Xbox kinnect and/or a pair of shoes/sneakers size 43 will do”
@misjuwa– “hey Cupid! We need to talk, I wanna know something…”
@tojubikz – “I want a getaway to somewhere new with friends where we can jst be kids again n enjoy nature”
@SlimSiren– “I want these books-‘Say you are one of them by Uwem Akpan’, The secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives by Lola Soneyin’ and an Easel
@Chyychy– “I want the perfume ‘Velocity’ by Mary Kay
@MsJazzyfied– “I want the perfume ‘Very Irresistible’ by Givenchy
@AdeYossie– “I just want time, no gifts, just attention and time spent together”
@lilmissfoy– “I want to be invited to lag by him, I want him to come out in the open and stop being shy, then he’ll flex me on the love boat thingy, movies, beach, shopping, he should be responsible n not pressure me to have sex with him cos nothing for him between my legs”
@SpitGucci– “I want a fancy dinner at Golden Gate”
@Sumbyjay– “I want any perfume from J’lo and a cake”
@JustAdivaa– “I just want an ipad”
@HUGOverified– “I want a sincere lady to woo me and val me”
@JunkyP– “I just want 100k, I dey find money jor”
@Le_Maxx– “ I want an Xbox pad battery and charger
@lilmissbeebee– “a pink PsP and gold pendant with my name on it
@BragginRightz “all I want 4val is for u to be here with me, I’ll make it up for these days we’ve spent apart, U are all I think about, U should know I need your love to hold me up when its all too much to bear, I just pray I’ll be here waiting when U come back, Happy Vals Soleil
@Lawrahh5 – “anything at all, its the thought that matters”
@M4minx – “Chocolate Fudge cake and Paco R’s, 1m women’s gift case (with the contents of course)

Its been a long post and if u’ve read this far, I really must appreciate your patience, endurance…i’m always humbled whenever im told “I love ur blog” it keeps me going..Thanks so much guys! God bless you!!!

So guys, Happy Valentines day but remember..this is just a day, let the Love go round all year through and oh! If u really think I’m gonna be alone this season, then ur brain needs to be checked by a dentist (go figure!)..its gonna be a wonderful threesome for me…hanging out with…ME , MYSELF & i…

To the haters and all those scanning for Gbagauns, if you actually think that your phraseology or parlance is at par with my lingo dexterity, then it is of plenary desideratum, inexorableness and extreme exigency that you unhesitatingly proceed for a cerebral appraisal…in simple english: Get your head examined! *Drops Mic and moonwalks away*


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