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>I commiserate with every Nigerian who dreamed of watching our beloved SUPER Eagles win a game in the World Cup competition.

My heart bleeds as I reflect on all our matches especially against South Korea. My sadness knows no bounds. My ‘tears’ have stopped flowing.

I was driving through Lekki (Lagos, Nigeria) today & my attention was drawn to the many terrible roads and there was a particular one that was flooded with thick, murky, muddy water. The street looked like a slum, but it had the most beautiful houses on it.

My mind immediately went to the Super Eagles: great individual talent but for lack of planning, investment and adequate preparation, we play like an unskilled team.

So you see, it’s the same problem whose symptoms we see everyday in huge generators, overhead water and diesel tanks.

Beautiful lampshades with no light.

Beautiful taps with no flowing water.

Hugely talented players without wins.

Roads without drainage.

Police without security.

Judges without justice.

Hospitals without health care.

Graduates without education.

Businesses without profit.

Workmen without skill.

Can’t we see?

It’s the same problem! It will require the same solution!

Our nation is calling for Leadership required at all levels.

People who will take responsibility to build & transform their area of gifting until the entire nation is fixed.

Which aspect of Nigeria has God called YOU to transform?

Have YOU started transforming it yet?

Who are your closest friends?
Which aspect of Nigeria has God called them to transform?
Have they started transforming it yet?

Nigeria is bleeding and crying for leaders to emerge out of the shadows and the sidelines of the spectators and commentators.

We need players on the field of leadership.

It’s already half time and we are a few goals down but the game is not over!

We need to substitute the Rulers on the field with LEADERS on the bench.

Get off the bench & start warming up.

It’s time to Arise and Shine!

It’s time to deliver the future.

You can. You must. You will.

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>3 Destiny Traps

>Hey guys,

just decided to share excerpts of a wonderful message shared sometime ago by FD.
I’m sure this will be a blessing to you.


Recently, I made a comment on my FaceBook Fan page and profile about a covenant that I’d made with God over sexual fidelity with my wife, Tara on pain of death.

I got quite a few email messages asking me to explain what I meant. So this note is my attempt to put this all into perspective.

In 2001, while seeking God’s guidance after leaving Phillips Consulting and establishing Eden (which is our Christian lifestyle and entertainment group…today resident on 7 University campuses); I had received instruction to set up V.I.P Consulting (which is today known as Visible Impact), God revealed to me. 3 “Destiny Traps” that the devil uses to derail people from achieving their purpose.

These 3 Destiny Traps were described to me as:

• The love of money
• The lust and quest for power
• (Pre) or Extra Marital Sex

Some of you might have heard that I made a covenant of fidelity with God that if I ever tried to sleep with any woman who wasn’t Tara that I’d die before I could even attempt to.

Since that day, I’ve come to consider any woman who seeks to attract my attention for seduction; as an assassin! I also believe that any bed that I commit adultery with another woman is a coffin!

Therefore since neither assassins nor coffins hold any allure for me, I’m covered by God’s grace and resist the lust for extra marital sex!

Regarding the lust and quest for power, I got to understand that there are 3 levels:

• Motivational / Inspirational Leadership
• Relational Leadership
• Positional Leadership

From our conversations, I discovered that positional leadership is the lowest level while the other levels are available and bestowed on you. Relational and Inspirational leadership are extremely powerful forms of leadership.

Let me explain, the late M.K.O Abiola was an inspirational leader. Unfortunately, he died in his quest for positional leadership, because he literally stooped to pick up a lower level of influence.

Other great inspirational leaders have included Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi who died, not having any positional power and became exceedingly great because of motivational and inspirational power.

In our generation, we’ve seen the likes of Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama who expressed and harnessed the power of inspirational leadership to effect change in their nations.

And concerning the 3rd level of Destiny Traps; which is money, let me give you a teaser!

God clearly showed me the distinction between riches and wealth.

• Riches are fleeting, while wealth endures.
• Riches don’t guarantee wisdom as we’ve seen in the Scriptures as described by the “rich fool” in Luke 12:16-21 and it also grows wings and flies away as Solomon, the wealthiest man alive; succinctly recorded.
• Only God gives you the power to make wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18).
• Riches are a function of wealth, but wealth is riches and so much more!

(To be continued)


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>I will try answering this profound question “WHY DO WE HAVE TO SHOUT AT EACH OTHER”???

A professor of theology was teaching about Anger and he asked his students the questions:

“Why do we shout in anger?
“Why do people shout at each other when they are upset”?

The students thought for a while.

One of them said:

Because we lose our calm.

“But why shout when the other person is just next to you”? asked the professor.

“Isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice”?

“Why do you shout at a person when you are angry”?

The students gave other answers but none satisfied the professor.

Finally he gave the Psychological, Physiological, and Practical Explanation for shouting:

“When two people are angry at each other, their hearts psychologically distance themselves”.

To cover this perception of distance, they think they must shout to be able to hear each other.

The angrier they are, the louder and stronger they will shout to hear each other based on “The Greater Distance”.

The professor then asked:

“What happens when two people fall in Love”?

They don’t shout at each other but talk softly to one another.


“Because their hearts are Psychologically, Physiological very close”.

The distance between them is very small.

The professor continued, “When they love each other even more, what happens”?

“They speak, only in whispers as they even get even closer to each other in Love”.

Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that’s all….

So next time you shout to a “Supposed Loved One”, know that you are creating distance between your hearts.



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