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>Hey guys, here we are again..err..lemme see if I can possibly round up this gist today…please if u’re lost or sumthin, then u might have to read the last post to understand or follow along on this one..
So here I am now getting over the issues of the last months by allowing meself to be open to meeting new people, making new acquaintances etc and I must say that BBM and Twitter provide you with such an opportunity..During this my little sojourn, I really came to discover that unlike facebook which I think is full of dullards uninteresting people who can’t spell, Twitter is full of minds that seem to be bursting at the seams..u have to be on an IQ of about 140 to stay n-sync with the things being said and really understand and appreciate the wit and sarcasm that is hounded all over the place. Might seem boring at first but with more cool tweeps, it all becomes worthwhile..forget all those stars that act like dem dey win award for not following people…shior @ them!!
So anyways,last time, I ntroduced you to eve…yeah, eve and I have been talking on phone and chatting on BBM but we’ve both come to the painful realization that it ain’t gon’ happen between us and like I said last time, we just gonna kick it as friends with no benefits. It really hurts (like realizing your folks omitted your name when listing their kids after winning the US lottery)..that kain thing! Eve and I though share a love that is so pure, true and made in heaven and so can only probably exist in Heaven.. So since life has to go on on earth, I returned to twitter to seek out new, interesting, witty, fine people (I just gave a clue to my preferences) that I could strike up an innocent friendship with..came up with a few ie @exschoolnerd , @ThelmaTweets, @lafeyethe @mimirazzi etc…quickly as a sharp guy,somehow-somehow pins were exchanged and they joined my growing legion of BBM contacts..funny enough, ive only pinged ‘em on very very few occasions…none caught my eye as in..they are either out-of-my league or too celebrity-like. @lafayethe asked for my pin and I thot she might fly till I discovered she was more in love with my Twife ‘eve’ and had a boyfriend sef….mtscheew!! and less abi lest I forget,just some days back, eve tells me she’s now dating someone (as in for real o)..well, I had made my peace with the inevitable long before now so nothing spoil yet
In all these escapades, I must still confess that my heart still beats for just one person but to overcome the lonely feeling that could come when it hits you, I ‘busy’ myself with all these other contacts…yeah, I know I’m whipped! I ain’t even gon’ try to defend myself, when I get on twitter after checking my DM’s and mentions, I head to this person’s page, read thru her tweets and her TL..yeah, BITE ME!! As if u sef u’re any better..abegi!!!
Allow me introduce you to ‘barbie’…yeah, she’s d reason for the season…and no, Barbie ain’t her real name ahn ahn..but she’s gonna be Barbie in this true life story blog…This past weekend was one very memorable one for me because it afforded me the opportunity to spend time with Barbie who was in town for an occasion…don’t let ur perverted minds drift far: nothing sinister happened but being in the presence of some people for just some minutes makes u wish u could spend forever with them, but u know what they say about beggars, horses and wishes but now I think beggars prefer HSE’s to horses
Away from the women before you will be thinking that I’m some kinda woman freak, ive got great guys on here that I look forward to meeting and hangin out with sometime..peeps like @sheriphskills, @ifreke …someday sha!
So here I am, still where I’ve always been, trying daily to survive in this dog eat dog world..keeping my head up…hoping that someday, I would share with y’all how I’ve finally settled with the lady of my dreams abi na reality sef…*rolling eyes* Till then, y’all just gotta endure my rants…
more to come…
Like I say/said..this is my blog and I aint proofreading it or checking for errors, if u’re doing Gbagaun mopol here, u can like to go and dance alanta on 3rd mainland bridge…mstcheeeew!!!

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>Hey peoples, its really been a minute since i put fingers to keyboard and lotsa reasons anyway…i ain’t gonna bore u with all those details, so im just gonna delve straight into the stuff i’ve gotta say!
Well basically a lotta water has gone under the bridge or through the dam as the case may be, FYI this blog is gonna take a different kinda structure as in, its gon’ be more informal though still educative so if u aint cool, u can like to hug a NEPA transformer and see the light!
So where were we? yeah, after the last post, i got more into the trends of the moment which of course are ‘social’ in nature i’e BBM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK (although FB is quite so annnoying nowadays), i seemed to have discovered my Tweet mojo and in my escapades and maybe cos of the nature of my tweets, i copped up a number of friends who have totally made it all worthwhile…A lot of peeps on Twitter have sumthn like alter-egos so dont be quick to judge people by their tweets (me included) as i was saying, lemme gist u about dis one lady i have a ‘relationship’ with on Twitter, shes basically my Twife, lets call her ‘eve’
I was attracted to eve cos of the wit in her Tweets (sounds nice: wit and Tweets) hold on…lemme go and tweet that..Ok, im back! so i sent eve a DM to add me which she did and we had some Twinteractions..after a wyl, i requested for her BB pin which i got (yeah! im a bad guys o)..Incase u don’t know BB is a very one kain sha, we chatted a lot, exchanged pics and all of that, sent voice notes and OMG! Eve has a voice that no amount of ‘adams’ would have resisted if she told em to eat grass sef not fruit abi apple! The voice just knocked me off totally and yeah, im a sucker for voices too (abi u wanna love a woman with James Earl Jones’ voice? thats some serious jonzing o!) As much as me and eve clicked,there was a lil snag, shes some years older than i am..and though age aint nuthin burra number but it wouldnt have worked, so we are still in our Twitter relationship sha…
Em..lotsa other peeps have added me on BBM and its been fun with all sorts, infact flirting seems to be d order of d day on BBM o! i have like 3 wives, ive never met them o!! Infact Lord help me..but d good thing is im gradually getting over the hurts of d past months..i’ve got dis great friend i’ll call ‘iris’..shes had my back all d way…And i want her to know i lurv her (though she loves someone else o)
Ok guys.i’ll try keep this up and update y’all more often on my escapades…
By d way, don’t look out for Typo errors, they r there plenty, BUT this is my blog and i’ll GBAGAUN as much i want afterall u ain’t paying me….mtscheeew!! ( i kearnt that from @sheriphskills)


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