06 Dec

>Its a new week, and one that bears no semblance to those passed probably has to do with the fact that im back to the city of my birth: tranquility envelopes me and the hustle and bustle of the city makes me greatful that my heart still beats (though as i write this, im experiencing serious chest pain, dunno why) listening to ‘Wild Wild West” by MI and the deep lyrucis and serene instrumentals are seeping through my every pore and fuelling an inner feeling that i cant describe…

Ok..lemme get this together, back in lag and the fun has already started..oh! a lil info bout my trip to lag..had to do a road trip cos mehn to fly now @ dis red december period wouldn’t be a prudent decision..i wasnt alone on d trip though..had d pleasure of ‘riding’ with Barbie..yup! 4 hours of alone time! and u would think i would jump at the oportunity and go on and on about how i feel and all that, so did i? NOPE!!! why? well cos, iBelieve that what needs to be said has been said and i aint one to flog a horse..i just STRONGLY respect d words she told me when i brought up d issue d last time: “Theres Nothing to talk about”
We did have fun on the trip though most of it was spent with our heads down tweeting to each other and pinging (God help us from this BB madness…i loved every minute and i wish the trip didnt end but alas! it did and we parted…

So,after getting off, i started anther long trip to d island..eventually got in around 6pm cos of the lekki traffic hold up..picked up grub at Mr Biggs and bla bla bla…

Friday evening was the EXPERIENCE and oh boy! was it an to TBS at about past 5, twas s’posd to start at 7pm but trust naw, the whole place was almost filled to the brim..lagos get people sha..ah ahn!!! Barbie was somewhere in d midst of the 500,000 people and i had to find her (what are d odds?) but as a very good badt guy, even with the epileptic network connection due to d fact that everyone everywhere seemed to be trying to call somebody somewhere..i was able to locate her! yes gangsta like that! I’m gonna skip all d yadi yada happenings in between…we got great ‘seats’ facing the stage..these seats were actually a constructed platform made of wood and erected upwards in a stadium like manner (u dig?) hold this picture in ur mind cos i’ll come back to it..there we met @Sumbyjay and her friends..and @Sumbyjay was looking all good and em…i know she’ll read this so i wont say more cos we are fighting now….While waiting for the EXPERIENCE to begin, we decided to look for @ThelmaTweets who had promised us cans of Fayrouz..i wasnt actually interested in d favrouz but my curiosity was etched on the fact that i wanted to CONFIRM that the things i see on her twitter DP are for real and not some work of photoshop and YES!! seeing her erased all doubts!!! We got the Fayrouz and i got a really tight bear hug as in eh…@ThelmaTweets is a great girl..nice spirit, fun and em..endowed too..i spent time with her later on…

On the whole, the EXPERIENCE was great..i danced in even me sef iTire for myself, d worship was on some point, all i could wish for was that everyone there would be in eternity when it comes but…the whistling and vuvuzelas would have raised the dead without stress..just so d dead can ask to be allowed to rest in PEACE! Barbie and @Sumbyjay had to leave around 1am..and their departure took out the fun from my abi two yoruba guys now came to take their seat as in all these native buba and sokoto wearing people..i mean: who wears buba and sokoto to a concert? they just came n started sleeping n snoring adding to the whistling and vuvuzelaing…i just quickly relocated to meet @ThelmaTweets and there i met @Tobiamoo cool dude..and i loved d fact that he got his worship on..all y’all that judge us Twitter folk should have a rethink: Never judge a person by their tweets, u dont know who they are in person..he seems like good people and he’s a gunner..yay!!

I left for home around 4.30am…tired, fulfilled and blessed…The most amazing experience for me wasnt any of the ministrations, or the Presidents speech or any of the prayers neither was it meetng @ThelmaTweets nor hanging with Barbie or @Sumbyjay…Remember our ‘seats?’ my biggest trip was that inspite of the mammoth number of people that were seating, standing and dancing on that wooden structure and inspite of the way it seemed like it would give in to our weight…God somehow held it together..(dont give me any engineering explanation) the catastrophe would have been incredulous if it had collapsed…My conclusion is that whatever is kept in God’s hands, He’s able to keep..

Have a great week…

looking for Gbagauns? have a field day cos im sure u’ll find many, when u’re done u can like to use cement to do face powder….mtscheeeew


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2 responses to “>EXPERIENCE

  1. Cyril A.

    February 2, 2011 at 7:43 am

    >Kevin na wa o how long e take u to rite all this……neways this year na woman dey do vals for me…ive been the one doing it for the past 7 years or so and i am tired i tell u….just tired…..we bois deserve to b spoilt a lil dont we…..

  2. terdoh

    August 7, 2011 at 12:29 am

    So you don dey set P since and you no dey tell boys.


    I now christen thee “Sylvester” for thou art Sly.


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